Lift Book by Randall G. Hunter and Scott Brown

  • Lift Seven Lessons For Innovators From An Otherworldly Thinker  by Randall G. Hunter and Scott Brown. New paperback. Published in 2014.

    This book begins by providing an overview of Weygers life and his invention of the Discopter. The auther then breaks down the seven themes inherent to his innovation process. Understanding these themes will empower you to see innovation through the Weygers lens.

    About Alexander G. Weygers: Alexander Weygers was a modern Leonardo da Vinci. He commanded attention because he was a success by any standard of excellence in half a dozen professions ... a sculptor of heroic dimensions, an inventor, a scholar, an author, an engineer, and a world-class photographer. He was also a blacksmith, machinist, carpenter, electrician, plumber, (and) toolmaker. He was further a teacher and a reluctant prophet upon whom the admiring descend.

    About the Author:

    Randall G. Hunter, like Alexander G. Weygers was a man of many trades. He was a craftsman who worked with wood and metal. He was a prolific painter and sculptor. He had successful career in the world of fine art. He spent many dedicated years archiving Weygers’s achievements and creations.